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What to Expect

Our practice is committed to providing you and your family with safe, gentle, high-quality dental care.

Office Visits

Our practice is committed to providing you and your family with safe, gentle, high-quality dental care. We understand that your child may feel anxious about visiting the dentist. We are sensitive to children’s needs and it is our goal to make your child feel comfortable visiting our practice while providing the best care possible.

Your first visit is all about your child’s comfort, happiness, and health

During your child’s first visit, our dental assistants will review their dental and medical history forms, and take X-rays of their teeth and mouth and polish their teeth. Then, the doctor will meet with you and your child to discuss the X-rays, perform any cleaning, create an individual treatment plan, and answer any questions that you may have.

Remember to bring these things with you to your child’s first appointment:

  • Your completed patient information form
  • Your insurance card

Regular checkups are an important part of maintaining a healthy smile!

The American Dental Association recommends that children visit the dentist every six months for regular checkups and routine teeth cleanings to keep their teeth and gums healthy. We understand that your family has a busy schedule, so when you’re preparing for a dental visit, please remember that an appointment can last between 20 and 40 minutes.

Dr Duckworth is amazing with the kids— mine were super nervous coming in for treatment and he is able to read the child so well & knows how to comfort them.
Jenna E.
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We had Dr. Duckworth who was so kind and yet very professional. He is the BEST pediatric dentist we have ever seen.
Esmeralda V.
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The hunt for a pediatric dental office is over. This is where I’ll be taking my boys from now on!
Harmony W.
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